Weavery, a home decorator’s workshop

The weavery at the Crafts Centre Kankuri offers splendid opportunities for decorating your home in an affordable and original manner. You can weave fresh interior textiles, rag rugs, linen tablecloths and runners, towels, blankets etc.

It is easy to come and weave in Kankuri. The warps are ready on the looms and our instructors will help and advise when needed. Taito Crafts Centre has interesting contemporary designs and a good selection of different threads and yarn in wool, linen, cotton and so on.

Day fee for weaving is 6€/day, 4€/ day for members. + Price of materials according to use.

Instructors present Mon 9-15, Tue-Thu 9-17, Fri 10-15.

You can also weave on your own outside of the Crafts centre opening hours. Book your loom time at Kankuri Crafts Centre or by telephone:

Satu Pynssi, Attending Weaving Advisor
+358 (0)44 3363506

We also organize weaving courses with Kokkola Region College.