Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa ry

Central Ostrobothnian crafts are a living folk culture. Supporting everyone’s right to creativity and skills.

Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa is a crafts assosiation founded in 1969. It is a part of a nationwide Taito organisation. Its purpose is to further Central Ostrobothnian crafts culture as a skill and trade. The basis of the assosiation is in local Finnish culture and crafts traditions, with emphasis on sustainable, time resistent design.

The goal of our activity is raising the appreciation of crafts, keeping up and developing craft skills as well as developing new high grade and distinctive crafts products and industry.

There are 10-14 Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa emplyees working each year as crafts teachers and advisors. Our courses reach 10000-13000 customers yearly, Taito Crafts School has 250-300 students, children and adults. Our shop and stalls at yearly craft fairs and festivals are visited by roughly 70000 people.

Welcome to the world of crafts!


Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa assosiation’s key services are crafts courses and workshops, Basic Education in Arts Craft School, the distribution of crafts material and products, Mobile crafts advisors in the Design Bus, Taito Business, shows, exhibitions and cultural tourism services.

Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa ry
Mannerheiminaukio 3, 67100 Kokkola
+358 (0)6 8328550, kankuri@taitokeskipohjanmaa.fi