Taito Craft School

Taito Craft School

Taito  Keski-Pohjanmaa organizes Basic Education in the Arts craft schools in Kokkola, Kalajoki, Kannus, Kaustinen and Sievi. In Kokkola and Kalajoki  there is also a Crafts School for adults.

All manner of  crafts are made in crafts school! Sawing, nailing, sanding, polishing, wire work, wool felting, weaving, printing  dyeing, spinning, painting, drawing, planning and getting to know materials from naturally sourced to the recycled. The teaching is progressive, new skills are built upon those learned previously, advancing ones craft skills.

Crafts school implements a 6-9-year curriculum. The classes gather once a week in the afternoon or evening from August till May. All 7-9 year-olds are elligible, Taito Ipanat 4-6 year-olds. Crafts school for the adults implements a general curriculum, over 5 years. People over 16 can apply for the craft school for adults in Kokkola nad Kalajoki.

Crafts school takes admissions  in May. Possible extra places will be filled over the summer. There are 12-14 places in the children’s crafts classes at the start of the school year in every crafts centre (Kokkola, Kannus, Kalajoki, Kaustinen and Sievi). The pupils will be notified by letter.

The crafts school fees are payable in autumn and spring:
Sievi, Kannus, Kalajoki 95€/person, a sibling discount for additional children from the same family -7€.
Kokkola 130€/person, sibling discount for additional children from the same family -7€.
Kokkola Taito Ipanat (4-6 year-olds) 95 €/person, sibling discount for additional children from the same family -7€.

There will be a 50€ reservation fee charged for cancelling if the cancellation arrives by August 27th. The whole semester’s fee will be charged if cancelling after said date. Spring term cancellations must be done the previous November to avoid reservation charges.


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