Taito Shop Kankuri

Mannerheiminaukio 3, 67100 Kokkola
tel +358 (0)6 8328550, +358 (0)44 3363504
Jaana Päivärinta, Craft Shop Attendant
jaana.paivarinta (at) taitokeskipohjanmaa.fi
kankuri (at) taitokeskipohjanmaa.fi
mon-tue, thu-fri 9-17, wed 9-18.30, summertime june-august mon-fri 9-17

Products sustainably produced in Finland will give you pleasing visual experiences. Our products are a lovely treat to yourself – enchanting as presents. Our selection consists of craft and design gems; decorating, clothing, accessories, local products, inspiring crafts materials and delicacies perfect for souvenirs.

Our products are inventive, fun and in with the times, for celebrations and everyday life nicely packaged.

We want to encourage sensible consumption. The product range in every shop in the Taito Shop chain is different. The most popular products have also been made available in the web-shop.

Craft = Happiness

Pop up -shops for craftspeople in summer and Christmas time.

Taito Craft Shop at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in July.

taitoshop.fi and taitokeskipohjanmaa.fi/verkkokauppa